Promote Your Content in 7 Easy Ways

Promote Your Content in 7 Easy Ways

Promote your content

The internet is a BIG place and your content could easily get lost

You’ve spent ages crafting your content in accordance with your content marketing plan, whether that’s a blog, podcast, report, video, infographic, guide, etc. and now you need to get in front of your target audience. But what’s the best way to do that? Here are 7 easy ways you can promote your content…

1. Content Optimisation

It’s essential that your content can be found otherwise your well-spent time will have been wasted. Before you start writing it think about what keyword / phrase you want your content to be ranked for and ensure that the content you create matches your keyword. If you are using a WordPress website, the plug in Yoast SEO, is a seriously powerful tool in helping you get your SEO perfect.

Yoast plugin

2. The title you choose

What does your audience want to know? What are their pain points? Think about the questions that they might be asking and answer them. The title should then reflect the answer to the question eg. How to…, Where to… etc. This should then also include the keyword you have chosen. Google’s free keyword planner can help you understand what your audience are looking for.

keyword planner

3. Email Marketing

If you have a database, make sure you email your new content directly to them so they have first look. You can even ask for feedback to help build your relationship and make sure you haven’t missed anything before pushing it out to your wider audience.  Tools such as MailChimp are free and easy to integrate into your website for data capture.

Email Marketing

4. Contact Industry Influencers

Contact a key influencer within your industry and ask them if they would be happy to contribute a quote. You can add the quote to your blog post, report, guide etc. and link back to their website, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or other social media account to gain visibility within a new audience. Buzzsumo can help find key influencers to promote your content.

Buss Sumo

5. Social Media

Make the most of each piece of content by sharing across your social media. Create 10 to 20 short snippets that you can use to easily share your newly created content. Tools such as Buffer and Meet Edgar make it easy to create a library of content that can be scheduled and shared with your audience. If you have included reference from outside sources in your content be sure to include them in your post.

Social Media Management

6. Advertising

While Google Ads, Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook ads can appear quite complex and costly they can also be highly targeted to ensure you are reaching exactly the right people in the right place. There are many other paid options for promoting your content such as Stumble Upon ads, Outbrain and other content distribution networks that may also be worth considering. Tools such as Slideshare and YouTube to reach a different audience and increase the reach of your content.

At the top of the marketing funnel, advertising is a great way to raise awareness of your brand, product or service however when using social media advertising it is worth remembering that you want to encourage your audience to like, comment and share your content.


7. PR

PR is more than just printed content. PR now covers journalists and bloggers. Find out what they are writing about or interested in or what is scheduled for them in their features list. Make it easy for them and send them the information they need when they need it. Your content is more likely to get picked up if you have a WOW image and headline that will grab your readers attention. Using the BuzzSumo tool again you can search for journalists and the topics they write about.


Test & Measure

Throughout all of these points testing and measuring each one is essential to being able to understand what works best for you and the tools that aren’t so good. That way you can direct your marketing spend more efficiently and effectively.

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