10 Top Marketing Tips to Boost your Business

Marketing tips

I’m sure we’d all like to get more for less when it comes to our marketing budget so here are our 10 Top Marketing Tips to make your marketing work harder for you. Remember to set goals, budgets, add benchmarks and milestones, and to measure the success of each campaign to ensure you are able to learn and adapt.

  • 1. Consider your business goals

    What are the objectives? Does your marketing plan and supporting literature reflect where you are striving to get to? What do you need each campaign to do? Eg. Data capture, lead generation, loyalty, referrals, sales etc.


  • 2. Research

    Include your customers and non-customers to find out what issues they have that you could fix? What new products or service could they benefits from? EG. Whilst working for Suttons Seeds we uncovered that beginner gardeners were intimidated by the sheer volume of packet seed available to them. In response to this information we created a small standalone section specifically to help beginners and give them the best chance of success and in turn become repeat customers.


  • 3. Think about your audience

    Who are they and what do they want to hear / see from you? What are they interested in and how can you help them solve their problems?


  • 4. Messages and branding

    Are they aligned with your business goals? Does your branding reflect your company values and goals? Are your sales team using the same messages as the marketing team? How does it make your audience feel about your company? What do you want it to make them feel?


  • 5. Write a blog

    Get involved with your audience. If they are interested in your company they will be interested in your latest news and new product launches etc. Fresh, regular content of course is also great for your SEO.


  • 6. Create and share great content

    Good quality, interesting content can really boost your business. The key is to provide your website visitors with content that is valuable and useful to them. This in turn builds your credibility as a professional in your area of expertise and then when your readers are in the position where they need to hire someone, they remember you.


  • 7. Be social!

    Now you’ve got all of this great content, share it! Use it to help you start conversations and build relationships with customers, prospects and people of influence. Linked In, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest are all firm favourites when it comes to sharing although you need to choose the right ones for your business. Be aware though that you don’t own your pages on these networks so do not rely on them solely as you never know when they might change.


  • 8. Use email marketing

    Although this still gets some bad press it is the most cost effective and powerful marketing tools you can use. Start creating your own list by asking all your current customers and prospects if you can have their email address. You absolutely need to be sure you have asked their permission to contact them with product updates, news and offers. Ensure you have a sign up box on your website and blog. Include social icons and forward to a friend buttons so your recipients can easily share your emails with their contacts. Be sure to be interesting and relevant though!


  • 9. Don’t be afraid to ask

    It’s unusual for your audience to forward emails, social, blogs, literature etc. onto their contacts without a prompt so don’t be afraid to ask them to share your posts. The same goes for prospects and customers; ask for a referral. Even if a prospect didn’t become a customer, they might know someone who could.


  • 10. Eye-catching and persuasive designs

    Attract the attention of your audience with amazing literature and marketing tools that reflect your brand. Keep them interested with compelling information about what your product or service can do for them and why they should sign up or buy now. Creating attractive visual content will entice prospects to your business; after all we all like to look at something that looks nice, just make sure it has a relevant and clear call to action to ensure conversion.


Be Relevant | Be Interesting | Be Targeted | Be Social

We hope these 10 Top Marketing Tips give you some ideas for making your own marketing work harder – keep in touch, we’d love to hear how you get on!

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