11 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Content

11 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Content


Repurposing content has many benefits, it can help you: reach a new audience, gain extra authority and credibility, boost your SEO, provide information in the different ways your audience prefers to consume it, drive more traffic to your website and convert more leads.


Take a look at your Google Analytics to find out what content has been most popular to date. This then gives you two options; either repurpose content you already have, or created new content in the various ways listed below.

But if you’re not sure what or how to repurpose content, here are 11 awesome ways to get you started.


Probably the most obvious starting point but this too can be broken down into a long form blog and a short form blog.


Slideshare is part of LinkedIn and provides a great opportunity to get your content in front of a different audience. When creating your slide deck add one relevant key point from your original content per slide plus an intro and summary slide.


These are great for creating an easy and informative visual to communicate your content. If you don’t have these skills yourself, hire a designer to create a beautiful infographic that will resonate and engage with your audience.


Showcase your success with some case studies. These can be either video or written but are a really good way of showing a before and after of working with you and what people can expect.


YouTube is the second largest search engine so it makes sense to leverage the power of that channel. Take your original content, turn it into a script and simply video yourself. Keep it fairly short; 1-2 minutes’ maximum to hold attention. If possible, add subtitles to the screen as many people (approx. 80%) watch videos with the sound off.


Promote all of this content you’ve created with Tweets and Posts to your audience. On Twitter and Instagram use relevant hashtags to encourage new follower interest and @names to link with influencers, networking groups and anyone else that would be specifically interested.


Your newsletter is a great place to promote your content. Your database already know, like and trust you but may not have seen your recent Tweet or last blog post. This ensures your readers head back to your website regularly too building familiarity and credibility.


Get your content in front of your LinkedIn followers to build authority and credibility. These are typically a mix of people you’ve worked with, would like to work with and influencers. Each time you publish an article in Pulse your audience will be alerted in their notifications.


Copy your content and create a PDF guide. If you don’t have the in-house resources hire a designer to turn the content into a nice looking guide. You can then create a specific landing page with a download form so that it becomes a lead generation tool.


These are a bit like listening to the radio; something you would have on in the background or listen to while working out or in the car (I’m a big fan of listening to books etc. whilst in the car). Simply record yourself narrating your blog, report or other content. PodBean.com allows you to easily upload your podcast and it’s free.


These are a great way to get in front of a lot of people relatively easily. You can use the slides you created earlier to set up a webinar deck and invite people to join you on a specific date and time. Also look at group or collaborative webinars to increase potential reach. Webinars are usually used as a way to up sell another product or service so don’t forget to add this in at the end. This can also be added to YouTube for added reach.


And that’s just to get you started!

Not only does this ensure that you are providing content for each personality type in the way that they prefer to digest it, but you are also creating extra credibility and SEO value within the search engines.  Remember to tag and describe each piece of content correctly so that it can be easily found by your target audience.

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