6 Twitter Tips To Improve Your Engagement

6 Twitter Tips To Improve Your Engagement

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Twitter is a great platform for building your brand and developing relationships with your audience. Getting people to know, like and trust you is half the battle to getting them to become a raving fan. As long as you can deliver on the rest of their experience with you when they do become a customer there is no reason why they won’t move up the loyalty ladder and do your marketing for you; for free!

Anyway, last week when I was talking to a client, it became apparent that there are parts of Twitter that people are unsure about or just don’t know. And how do you know, what you don’t know? But, isn’t that how we all start out? So, here are six Twitter tips to help you get started.

6 Twitter tips to improve your engagement.


1. Using the @name

To increase your reach, make sure the @name is at the end of the Tweet. When you tweet with the @Name first, only the people who follow both accounts will see the tweet. When you add it at the end, everyone of their followers will have the tweet in their feed. This is a great trick for getting in front of your target audience or influencers.

2. Hashtagify.me

If you’re not sure which Hashtags to use then take a look at Hashtagify.me. Simply type a topic in the search bar and Hashtagify.me will show you the most popular and relevant hashtags for that topic. Viewing your results in Table Mode gives you the option to sort by popularity or weekly trend.

3. #Hashtag

Create different sets of hashtags depending on who you’re trying to reach. One set for influencers, alliances, products/services, target audience & an individual one that only relates to your business. Keep the number of tweets to no more than three and capitalise the first letter of each word so that they are easier to read.

4. Your profile

Make your bio benefit-led so that the reader knows exactly how you can help them. Set the Trends section to wherever you do business and if there is a hashtag trending that suits your business then use it.

5. Embedding tweets

Did you know you can add individual Tweets to your website or emails? Simply choose your tweet and right click on the 3 small buttons at the bottom right of the tweet and click embed tweet. Copy and paste the code from there into the page you was the tweet to be seen and hey presto! Your done. This is great for adding customer comments to your web pages.

6. When to post

Use tools such as Manage Flitter, Tweriod or Crowdfire to understand your audience and find out when are the best times to post for the optimum engagement. The Twitter feed is so fast that you will need to tweet 6-9 times per day to ensure your tweets get seen by your audience.

As always, make sure sure your content is interesting and relevant to your target audience. This could include, tips, industry news, company/product updates, competitions, blog articles, hero images, video, eBooks, questions, guides, case studies, testimonials etc. Try to anticipate the questions that your audience wants to know the answers to, then answer them. Using tools such as Google Trends will give you guidance on what’s being searched for. Take a look at this blog on How to create great content.

The more information you share the more authority you’ll gain in your area of expertise and the more followers and engagement you’ll get.

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