How to make a clear call to action

Calls to action

How to create a clear call to action

It’s what we all strive for, the perfect call to action that will generate the desired responses.


Whether you’d like your audience to sign up for your newsletter, purchase a product, download a report or share your post, the call to action you use is what can turn a good campaign into a great campaign. But, we all know that getting your prospects to do what you’d like them to do is a challenge at best. So, here are a few pointers to help you craft the best calls to action when creating your next campaign.

Use simple and relevant language

Using language your target audience understands helps them feel confident that you recognise their needs and are able to fulfil what they are looking for. Using words like ‘free’, ‘easy’, ‘learn’ and ‘discover’ will help make the reader feel compelled to click through.


Ensuring that the message and imagery are the same through the sign up process helps the subscriber feel at ease and that they are not simply being herded for their data or likely to be spammed. From your online advert or social post through to your landing page – keep the imagery and messaging the same. Take look at the subscription process. Each page has the same messaging and imagery to leave you in no doubt that each part of the journey is linked.

Potential benefit

Make the benefit of why your download or subscription etc. is better than your competitors. Be clear about what’s in it for the user. e.g. ‘Increase my web traffic now’ or like Crazy Egg have used, Convert More Visitors into Revenue – see image right. Very compelling, straight to the point and easy to understand.

Talk directly to your audience

Use words such as ‘my’ or ‘yours’ e.g. download my report,  send me my e-book, get yours free etc.

Social proof

The psychology behind social proof is simple. We are influenced by what we perceive to be popular. For example, two restaurants next to each other, one is full with people queuing and one has just a couple of diners in – which do you choose? The busy one right? After all who want to go some place that isn’t popular! It’s the same with your product or service. So, if it is relevant, show that 1,000s of other members have already signed up to your newsletter or downloaded your report. See example by Social Media Examiner.

Be original and interesting

Yes, you want prospects to ‘sign up’ or ‘subscribe’, but just saying sign up is a bit boring. If you’re struggling to boost the readership of your newsletter, or increase report or e-book downloads, why not try something different such as; Let’s do it, Let’s chat, Lets grab a coffee, Talk to us etc. Try doing some A/B split tests to determine which call to action has the best responses. Experiment with different text, images, buttons placement and colours until you find a winning formula.

Make it time sensitive

By including a ‘now’ or ‘today’ can help create an element of urgency where your audience will be more inclined to do something now.

Go big or go home

Make your call to action button big. Your audience will skim read and can easily gloss over a small inconspicuous button so make it loud and proud. Use contrasting colours to make it stand out and make it look clickable.

Be friendly and non-confrontational

You want to engage with your audience and strike up a partnership so being approachable is super important. Phrases such as ‘do it now’ can appear desperate and aggressive so it’s best to avoid these.

Use images that your audience can relate to

Using exciting and relevant images can help make your audience feel interested enough to find out more, but again keep the continuity through the campaign and don’t change images or messaging when the user reaches the landing page.


We hope these call to action tips give you some ideas for improving your own – keep in touch, we’d love to hear how you get on!

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