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I is for… Images in Marketing

Images in Marketing

The power of images in marketing


The phrase ‘A picture says 1000 words’ is truer today than I think it’s ever been. Social media and the need for information NOW in an easy to digest form has driven the requirement for powerful images even more than ever before. Images grab our attention at first glance and help us decide if we want to find out more; take a look at this blog for example, did the headline capture your attention first, or the image? (and who isn’t thinking about the Grange Hill intro now?!)

For 100s of years people have been using images as the lead in capturing attention, closely followed by the headline in traditional media such as magazines, newspapers, billboards.

Now, in today’s digital landscape and ‘quick-scroll’ society, the use of images in marketing play an even bigger part in capturing attention and encouraging the reader to read the headline, sub titles and if you’ve got all those right, the body content.

So, what can you do to make the most of the images you are using? Here are a few ideas that will make your adverts stand out:


Get emotional with your potential customers

The images you choose are tools used to elicit specific and planned emotional reactions in your target audience. Think about how you want your potential buyer to feel when they view your image (eg. happy, sad, scared, spoilt etc.) and the connection you want them to have with your business. If you haven’t already defined your ideal customer avatar, you can find out more in this blog.

Be bold

Keeping in line with your company brand guidelines, it pays to be bold. Using bright colours will draw attention to any advert be it online or offline infinitely more effective than a grey suited businessman. Think about the colour wheel and the emotional impact different colours have on the readers brain eg, red=danger, green=environmental. Read our blog on the Psychology of Colour for more information.

Keep on moving

If you aren’t already, look at how you can incorporate video into your marketing mix. The advantages of using video in your marketing messages are plentiful; they drive engagement, they create an emotional connection, they help build trust, they help build relationships and familiarity, encourages sharing to mention a few. A recent report from Wyzowl found that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it. You don’t even have to have the full studio effect – simply use your iPhone or apps such as Ripl and Animoto make it easy to create moving images for social posts. However, bear in mind that a lot of viewers watch video with the sound down (I’m one of them) so adding text narrative to the bottom of your video is essential.

Tell a Story

Using images in marketing is a quick and easy way of communicating a story to to your readers. For instance, statistics or information that may be essential but dry, will be conveyed and received in a much more engaging way if it is translated in to an infographic, slideshow or educational visual rather that a text heavy report.

It does pay to remember though, that people digest content in different ways, so you will need to create content to appeal to each of your demographics behavioural types.



As you can see an image can be used to convey information in a much quicker and more engaging and emotional way so that your potential buyers will be happy to read further. It is no surprise that analysts are predicting Instagram will account for a third of all social media users by 2021 as a visual story is becoming as important as reports and ebooks.

As the time span to capture a potential buyer’s attention is getting harder, shorter and there is more noise in your marketplace, using images to make that first impression is now an essential not a ‘nice to have’.

We’d love to hear how you are using images in your marketing and what successes / challenges you’ve had.

For more information about using powerful images in your marketing, simply give us a call on 01752 393261 or book a complimentary discovery session here.

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