L is for… Lead Generation

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L is for… Lead Generation

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Lead generation is one of the most challenging tasks in marketing. 

The dictionary describes it as “the action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.

But, what is lead generation? Why is it important? And, most importantly, how do you make it work for your business?

Lead generation is the result of your marketing efforts at the top of the funnel, or the awareness end of the funnel, that leads to an interaction with your business.

As it takes approximately 90 days to build a sales pipeline it is essential that your marketing awareness efforts are consistent and frequent. This will help you get an advantage over your competitors when a potential buyer comes looking for a product or service that you are offering.

Ultimately, placing your product or service the the path of where your preferred purchasers are looking will deliver the greatest return on investment (ROI).

With this in mind, we’ve listed 13 ideas to help you discover which lead generation tactics will work best in your business.


      1. Content marketing
      2. Search engine optimisation
      3. Pay Per Click advertising
      4. Social media advertising
      5. Third party listings
      6. Lead conversion tools
      7. Website
      8. PR
      9. Reviews
      10. Telemarketing
      11. Email Marketing
      12. Strategic alliances
      13. Print advertising


But, these marketing tactics alone will not generate leads. You need something to create INTEREST and a reason for potential buyers to contact you or share their details with you. This is where it gets tricky.

You need to create information that your preferred audience are interested in AND in a way they want to digest it in the amount of time they are willing to spend looking at information from your business.

Here are 9 ideas to help create lead generation tools:

      1. Ebooks
      2. Papers/Reports
      3. Competitions
      4. Games
      5. Quizzes
      6. Audits
      7. Free consultation
      8. Webinars
      9. Podcast







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