The Psychology of Colour

The Psychology of Colour

Your Products & the Psychology of Colour

Do you understand how different colours affect your customers propensity to purchase?

There are many factors that influence your customers desire to purchase (or not). Their surroundings, their mood and their company are all contributors. However, colour goes far and beyond all of these out ranking sound, smell and touch, so it makes sense to consider the psychology of colour when thinking about the presentation of your products or service.

Kiss Metrics states that colour increases brand recognition by 80%!

Take a look at some of the UK’s favourites; Coca Cola (red), Sainsbury’s (orange), O2 (blue), Virgin (red) and B&Q (orange). It’s no accident that these brands have kept the same colours for many years.

Use the wheel below when considering your next packaging or point of sale design.

Psychology of Colour Chart

Psychology of colour



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