Where are my customers?

How to acquire new customers

So, you have some amazing products, a great website and a snazzy logo but, wait…

Tumble weed rolls past…

There are no customers. Or very few. Your question; Where are my customers?

The harsh truth is, they’re not hiding. They just don’t know where you are.


3 tips to help you raise awareness and get your business noticed!


1. Where do your perfect customers hang out?
There is no point promoting your business on a channel that your audience doesn’t use so think about who they are and how they interact with content. Are they a CEO who likes to print a report and read it on the train or are they a manager that is always on social media? Once you understand where and how your audience digests content; be there and provide the valuable information they’re looking for. See point 3 🙂

2. Where are my customers? Be where they are.
The awareness part of the marketing funnel contains a great many tools for you to use to get in front of your audience. Here are just a few for you to choose from, just remember to use the ones that are appropriate for your business and your audience: reports, website & SEO, social media, networking, PR, video, images, blogs, infographics, demos, white papers, blogs, webinars, podcasts, competitions, online & offline advertising… to mention a few.

3. Be helpful
Provide your audience with answers to their questions. What are they looking for or thinking about? What are their needs? Create content that answers these questions and share it in your newsletter, social media, speaking opportunities, website, etc., you’ll be surprise how many people will engage with you when you help them.

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